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Create your own FERRERO® Pyramid

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Create your very own FERRERO ROCHER® pyramid as a beautiful centerpiece for your table or a delicious dessert for your next party. Simply follow these steps:


Ensure you have the following on hand:

  • FERRERO ROCHER® (approx. 95 chocolates for 12” pyramid or 35 chocolates for a 6'' pyramid)
  • 1 12'' or 1 6'' foam cone (available at art stores).
  • 1 package of sharp, double-sided wooden toothpicks


Insert toothpick into bottom of the FERRERO ROCHER® (brown paper cup) so 1.5-2 cm is inside the chocolate and remaining portion sticks out.


Holding the exposed toothpick close to the bottom of the chocolate, slide toothpick into the foam cone beginning to make the bottom ring of the pyramid. Once there is no room left for your fingers to push the toothpick, gently push the chocolate the rest of the way so the toothpick is entirely hidden.


Repeat this step until the bottom ring of chocolate is complete. Ensure chocolates are placed as close together as possible so no white space is showing. (Bottom ring can typically fit 10-12 chocolates for a 12 inch cone. Number varies by size of cone used).


Begin the next ring by offsetting the chocolate from the one below it.


Continue to complete rings of chocolate and work upwards until one last chocolate is placed on the very top of the pyramid.


Gently move pyramid and place on a dish. If there are any remaining FERRERO ROCHER® chocolates arrange them around the base of the pyramid for guests and family to enjoy.


Store pyramid in a cool dry place. Chocolates should be eaten within 4 weeks of making the pyramid. If the chocolates will not be eaten, this beautiful decoration can be displayed for up to 3 months.