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Party perfect in 10 simple steps

Time-crunched? Spend less time getting ready and more time enjoying the festivities at your bash!

Check out these 10 easy tips for pulling it all together quickly, efficiently and smoothly!

  1. Start planning early. Don’t wait until the last minute – the earlier you start, the better. With so many things to do, it’s easy to get behind and find yourself rushing around at the last minute.
  2. Make lists. Things generally fall into place easier and become more manageable when you see it all written out. Writing your lists on a calendar will help you plan a timeline and stagger your tasks. (Hint: write it in pencil or create your list on your computer so you can move things around as necessary!)
  3. Who’s coming? Think outside the box. Mix friends up a bit for some fun, and keep the group talking with lots of fun conversation starters...”Did you know that Tina just got back from Indonesia?” “Gail has twins, just like you!”
  1. Decide on your menu. Is your event a cocktail party? A dinner? A brunch? Select foods that can be prepared ahead and won’t keep you in the kitchen during the party.
  2. Pot luck? It’s not every host’s preference, but it can certainly help if you’re trying to lighten the load. It works well if you give the party a theme – international foods, baked goods, wine and cheese.
  3. Consider hiring help. If you can afford it, a caterer will really lighten the load. Or hire one or two people to help pour drinks, heat and serve food and do some of the party cleanup.
  4. Do your baking ahead of time. Most desserts can be frozen and pulled out just before the party. Bake and prepare desserts ahead at your leisure.
  5. Clean the high traffic zones. No need to deep clean every room in the house before the party. Just focus on the kitchen, bathrooms and the living room/dining room area.
  6. Remember the details. Flowers, music, candles, decor, party games, parting gifts for your guests...don’t wait until the last minute to plan these important party details.
  7. Do something for yourself. Buy a new dress, get a massage the day before, go for a walk a few hours before your guests arrive. Anything you can do to de-stress will help you enjoy your party that much more!